Monthly Archives: February 2012

To all the ill-informed star-crossed lovers, what do you know about neither love nor the meaning of Valentine? A derivative from strength and courage seems very inappropriate to a day celebrated solely for love, or is it a symbolism to gather one’s bravery to rival the cowardice in one, and bring forth the power to expel the lust and greater desires for one’s crush? We drag our feet through the heavy snow happily than ever entertaining our desires for hastened and untamed love. But what is this tradition you speak of, of this artificial euphoria induced by mere chocolate and opiates – am I seeing what you are seeing? That such gifts and splendors are greater than the purest of pure emotions and bond?

It fails as a society for lovers to mark special days to prove their love, to such extent to save money to buy flowers and chocolate would it not only produce unnecessary jealousy and gluttony to play, to those especially, who are not accustomed to such sudden drama? Why say, do lovers have to rejoice in a difference of such a day, when any other were supposed to be as great or as loving, since the beginning of their shared love? I do not see the point that marking would do, but only a failure to keep their standards as a couple should do. Does neither Romeo nor Juliet even know of the slightest of what true love is or was it simply an urge for unchaste lust? As we all know well, nothing comes forth in irrationality and unplanned feelings, but only of malevolence and misunderstanding.

Oh why does Cupid’s Arrow sting so great, when love is not accord by volition but gamed by a fiendish play? – playing with the hearts of young youths. The tradition plants the seed of expectation in tender hearts and blooms and haunts them as the tale begins to cease, insinuating the harshness of adulthood – which we think we all know too well. A single shot, at least finish this trickery! Unrequited love, and addition to endorphins, only sorrows the soul, and pains and urges and weakens thy heart that would only sway and withers in the presence of glimpse of unintended warmth.

A princess or prince even! Come and befit my hollow soles and tell me what you see in my humble stead! But then again, what do I know of such beast? Let loose for once, and surmount as much as you will, be not afraid of failure or of other’s expectation – try it, go on, see for yourself what you are missing!

Time is the one thing we can truly be stingy about, so why waste your time and wait when every second matters; coming out to your crush on Valentines only means possible competition, and cowardice and failures of such. Experience a greater potential of happiness with him/her if it was meant to be by asking your love to simply be for once or twice and thrice at most! And I know, as you do too – It’s difficult and awkward.